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Uses of FacesException in javax.faces

Methods in javax.faces that throw FacesException
static Object FactoryFinder.getFactory(String factoryName)
static void FactoryFinder.releaseFactories()

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.application

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.application
 class ViewExpiredException
          See Javadoc of JSF Specification

Methods in javax.faces.application that throw FacesException
abstract  UIComponent Application.createComponent(String componentType)
          Create a new UIComponent subclass, using the mappings defined by previous calls to the addComponent method of this class.
abstract  UIComponent Application.createComponent(ValueBinding componentBinding, FacesContext context, String componentType)
 UIComponent Application.createComponent(javax.el.ValueExpression componentExpression, FacesContext facesContext, String componentType)
abstract  Validator Application.createValidator(String validatorId)
 ResourceBundle Application.getResourceBundle(FacesContext ctx, String name)
 void ViewHandler.initView(FacesContext context)
          Method must be called by the JSF impl at the beginning of Phase Restore View of the JSF lifecycle.
 void ViewHandlerWrapper.initView(FacesContext context)
abstract  void ViewHandler.renderView(FacesContext context, UIViewRoot viewToRender)
          Combine the output of all the components in the viewToRender with data from the original view template (if any) and write the result to context.externalContext.response.
 void ViewHandlerWrapper.renderView(FacesContext context, UIViewRoot viewToRender)

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.component

Methods in javax.faces.component that throw FacesException
 boolean UIComponent.invokeOnComponent(FacesContext context, String clientId, ContextCallback callback)
          Invokes the invokeContextCallback method with the component, specified by clientId.
 boolean UIComponentBase.invokeOnComponent(FacesContext context, String clientId, ContextCallback callback)
          invokeOnComponent must be implemented in UIComponentBase too...
 boolean UIData.invokeOnComponent(FacesContext context, String clientId, ContextCallback callback)

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.context

Methods in javax.faces.context that throw FacesException
abstract  FacesContext FacesContextFactory.getFacesContext(Object context, Object request, Object response, Lifecycle lifecycle)

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.convert

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.convert
 class ConverterException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.el

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.el
 class EvaluationException
 class MethodNotFoundException
 class PropertyNotFoundException
 class ReferenceSyntaxException

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.event

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.event
 class AbortProcessingException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.lifecycle

Methods in javax.faces.lifecycle that throw FacesException
abstract  void Lifecycle.execute(FacesContext context)
abstract  void Lifecycle.render(FacesContext context)

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.validator

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.validator
 class ValidatorException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification

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