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Uses of EvaluationException in javax.faces.el

Subclasses of EvaluationException in javax.faces.el
 class MethodNotFoundException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification
 class PropertyNotFoundException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification
 class ReferenceSyntaxException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification

Methods in javax.faces.el that throw EvaluationException
abstract  Class ValueBinding.getType(FacesContext facesContext)
abstract  Class PropertyResolver.getType(Object base, int index)
          Returns the datatype of the specified element within a list or array.
abstract  Class PropertyResolver.getType(Object base, Object property)
          Returns the datatype of the specified javabean property on the specified object.
abstract  Object ValueBinding.getValue(FacesContext facesContext)
abstract  Object PropertyResolver.getValue(Object base, int index)
          Return the specified element from a list or array.
abstract  Object PropertyResolver.getValue(Object base, Object property)
          Return the current value of the specified property on the base object.
abstract  Object MethodBinding.invoke(FacesContext facescontext, Object[] aobj)
abstract  boolean ValueBinding.isReadOnly(FacesContext facesContext)
abstract  boolean PropertyResolver.isReadOnly(Object base, int index)
abstract  boolean PropertyResolver.isReadOnly(Object base, Object property)
abstract  Object VariableResolver.resolveVariable(FacesContext facesContext, String name)
abstract  void ValueBinding.setValue(FacesContext facesContext, Object value)
abstract  void PropertyResolver.setValue(Object base, int index, Object value)
          Replace the object at the specified index within the base collection with the provided value.
abstract  void PropertyResolver.setValue(Object base, Object property, Object value)
          Set the named property on the base object to the provided value.

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