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Tag name: <mcc:convertDateTime>
Converter class: org.apache.myfaces.commons.converter.DateTimeConverter
Tag class: org.apache.myfaces.commons.converter.ConvertDateTimeTag
Facelet Tag Handler: org.apache.myfaces.commons.converter.ConvertDateTimeTagHandler
converter id: org.apache.myfaces.custom.convertDateTime.DateTimeConverter
Simple convert that overrides the spec DateTimeConverter and uses TimeZone.getDefault() as the base timezone, rather than GMT. Convert date time using normal system timezone like it should User: treeder Date: Oct 28, 2005 Time: 7:19:01 PM


Name Type Supports EL? Description
binding org.apache.myfaces.commons.converter.DateTimeConverter Only EL A ValueExpression that evaluates to a DateTimeConverter.
dateStyle String Yes The style of the date. Values include: default, short, medium, long, and full.
locale java.util.Locale Yes The name of the locale to be used, instead of the default.
pattern String Yes A custom Date formatting pattern, in the format used by java.text.SimpleDateFormat.
timeStyle String Yes The style of the time. Values include: default, short, medium, long, and full.
timeZone java.util.TimeZone Yes The time zone to use instead of GMT (the default timezone). When this value is a value-binding to a TimeZone instance, that timezone is used. Otherwise this value is treated as a String containing a timezone id, ie as the ID parameter of method java.util.TimeZone.getTimeZone(String).
type String Yes Specifies whether the date, time, or both should be parsed/formatted. Values include: date, time, and both. Default based on setting of timeStyle and dateStyle.

Facelets Attributes

Name Type Required Description
for String false {@inheritDoc}