Apache MyFaces


MyFaces projects all use Maven 2.x to compile the code, run testing, etc. However sometimes the standard maven plugins are not enough for the special requirements of MyFaces projects. Therefore a number of custom Maven plugins have been created.



Used to build MyFaces Core 1.1.6 and later, and MyFaces Tomahawk 1.1.7 and later. May be used to build other projects in the future.

This plugin uses annotations on java source files to discover which are JSF components, renderers, etc. This information is used to automatically generate a suitable faces-config.xml and JSP ".tld" files. The annotations can be "real" java1.5 annotations, or doclet-style annotations.

In addition, the plugin can automatically generate JSP tag classes for JSF components, automatically copying tag attributes onto a JSF component instance.

And when selected, the builder plugin can also automatically generate JSF component classes, defining "boilerplate" setter/getter and save/restore methods based upon the abstract properties defined on an ancestor class.

This plugin may also be useful for projects external to the MyFaces project.


A set of java1.5 Annotation classes for use with the MyFaces-Builder-Plugin.


A refactored/renamed version of the MyFaces-Trinidad-Plugin whose source is within the trinidad project.

This plugin is not currently in use.

This renamed version was intended to be used in Trinidad and Core 1.2.x releases, but the MyFaces-Builder-Plugin is currently intended to be used instead.

The original MyFaces-Trinidad-Plugin was used for MyFaces Core 1.2.x releases, and for all Trinidad releases. It reads a tree of xml files which define the properties of JSF components in a project, and then generates faces-config.xml and .tld files, and also can generate Component and Tag classes.


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